Co-OS technology solutions focus on maximizing compatibility, accessibility, and adoption by users across browsers, devices, as well as demographics.

The general cost of doing business is high, and overwhelmingly leads to the outsourcing of digital service fulfillment to workers outside of the local tax base. This is either done by organizations and businesses directly hiring, or by service providers subcontracting, this work to be done overseas. This greatly hinders local private and public community wealth building efforts – both in terms of reducing the churn of tax dollars recirculating into growing the local economy, and in potential human capital to grow local workforce capacity and self-sufficiency in order for communities to source the necessary services from within their own business and talent pools.

The Co-OS project strives to provide a viable alternative to outsourcing by helping grow the collective purchasing power of local independent contractors, organizations, and communities. Our approach makes it affordable for both our customers and our project teams to procure or deliver high-demand digital services without sacrificing the scope of work necessary for more sustainable technology solutions.

To this end, we aim to offer competitive pricing by utilizing cooperative economic principles, leveraging the combined investments of our customers holding a shared interest in delivering adequate solutions, otherwise not affordable for any one stakeholder alone. This greatly helps to maximize value and trust from both supply and demand sides of our growing local community marketplace.